The nicest senior living centers you have ever seen, also had nice landscapes. This is because there is a clear correlation between the quality of care that staff give to residents, and the quality of care that management gives to the landscape. Just kidding, however, this may be exactly how a son or daughter perceives the property when choosing a new home for their parent. If this is not enough of a reason to invest in adequate landscape maintenance, you also need to keep residents occupied during their time outdoors. Native plant material can attract interesting wildlife, and the ability to care for a garden can make a person feel whole.

I served as the HOA president of a subdivision in Cedar Lake, IN and hired Priority Landscape to maintain our property (lawn care, fertilization, irrigation, trimming and snow removal). Priority does yeoman’s work with integrity and respect. Our account manager was very responsive and the team that cared for our property was very respectful. I would recommend Priority to anyone.

Joe Velderman

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