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It is with ample reason that lawn care is the most commonly though of, searched for, and used landscaping service. The lawn is the first thing anyone will see, no matter the type of property. Turf quality will also be judged just the same, regardless of the purpose of the landscape. This is why you need green and healthy turf primed to survive battles with the deadliest predators. Disease, weeds, and pests are just a few of the enemies your turf could face. Pest and weed control services take care of these issues should they crop up, but the best defense is offense. Aeration and overseeding can really open up the soil so that nutrients can better pass through to the root system. In order to boost the levels of the nutrients across the board, fertilization is required.

I just wanted to reach out and say Jackie Mueller has been fantastic and flexible based on our needs. It is far too often in our line of work that “quiet” or “silence” is the methodology for judging if things are good. She has been, flexible, responsive, communicative, and proactive. Truly refreshing to work with an individual that mirrors the level of service that we provide to our federal government clients. I wanted to take a moment and say thank you to Jackie and to Priority for starting our 2024 season off quickly and efficiently at this location!

S. Witmer
Vice President of Operations — Camacho Janitorial

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