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Landscaping can be a broad range of services, and each company offers a differing set. Not all services are the same, and it can be confusing. At Priority Landscape, we pride ourselves on being full-service. This means that we provide both maintenance services like mowing and edging, and design-build services that include the installation of enhancements. These keep the property up to date and exciting, while maintenance keeps things in order. For a property to be competitive in the modern market we know it must utilize both to succeed. Additionally, we offer snow and ice management services for the harsh winters up north.

The crews are extremely professional, dependable, and knowledgeable when on the multifamily properties with Steve, the Operations Manager, who oversees all projects, getting them completed on time and within budget constraints. He is always quick to make recommendations and direction to any problems or issues that occur. Steve takes the time to make you aware of the situation and explain the proper steps that it will take to resolve.



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