Retail is no longer any different from the rest of commercial properties when it comes to the need for a sharp landscape. Nobody wants to shop at a strip mall filled with dead plants and icy parking lots. That is right, these properties not only need landscaping, but are also in dire need of snow removal. In combination with a snow plow, these retail properties require a delicate touch to maximize what can be a small space. If there is turf it needs to be carefully maintained, as to not scare off potential customers with decay and dirt.

I served as the HOA president of a subdivision in Cedar Lake, IN and hired Priority Landscape to maintain our property (lawn care, fertilization, irrigation, trimming and snow removal). Priority does yeoman’s work with integrity and respect. Our account manager was very responsive and the team that cared for our property was very respectful. I would recommend Priority to anyone.

Joe Velderman

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