Fall & Spring Clean Ups

Sometimes in life you just need a fresh start. This is also true in your landscape, and the urge comes at different times. There are many reasons that your landscape can fall into disarray, and we are never here to place blame. Our team is here to provide a comprehensive cleanup that will rejuvenate your landscape back to its original state of glory. This includes removal of all trash and debris, as well as a complete restoration of the lawn. When we leave the property you will be refreshed due to the level of cleanliness in your outdoor space. Whether you want a cleanup to prepare for the year in the spring, or a cleanup before you hibernate for the winter, we are here to help.

I served as the HOA president of a subdivision in Cedar Lake, IN and hired Priority Landscape to maintain our property (lawn care, fertilization, irrigation, trimming and snow removal). Priority does yeoman’s work with integrity and respect. Our account manager was very responsive and the team that cared for our property was very respectful. I would recommend Priority to anyone.

Joe Velderman

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When we take a trip out to your property, our consultation will consist of a thorough inspection of the property. This helps us create a bespoke plan that will speak to the property goals we discuss.

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Once you let Priority Landscape take over your landscape management, watch as the revenue flows in. Now, your landscape is an asset rather than a liability. Curb appeal is sky high, and clients flock in for the beauty.
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