Fertilization & Weed Control

Every lawn requires nutrients to survive. Not only to stay healthy, but to fend off those lawn predators like weeds. The best defense against weeds is a healthy lawn, which is why our fertilization and weed control program prioritizes both the addition of nutrients through fertilization, and weed control applications that prevent weed growth. Our program is segmented by the time of year, with different fertilizer components designated for the needs of each season. Fertilizer consists of three compounds. Nitrogen, Phosphorus, and Potassium. Each fertilizer is identified by their quantity of each in numerical order. The first number being Nitrogen, the second being Phosphorus, and the third Potassium.

Fertilization with Grub Control

Nearer to the middle of the year in June and July, the most serious threat to your landscape ceases to be weeds, and becomes pests. Grubs are a particularly nasty variety that like to feed on your turf and their roots. Because of this we add a grub control solution to our summer fertilization application of 21-0-4. The healthier your lawn, the better it will be able to fend off lawn pests of all types.

Fall Fertilizer

The weakest time of year for your turf is the winter. An application of fertilizer in the fall gives your turf a store of nutrients to utilize during the harsh winter we experience up north. Typically applied sometime in September or October, this fertilizer composition is 28-3-10. With another application in the winter, your turf should be strong when it would otherwise be weak.

I served as the HOA president of a subdivision in Cedar Lake, IN and hired Priority Landscape to maintain our property (lawn care, fertilization, irrigation, trimming and snow removal). Priority does yeoman’s work with integrity and respect. Our account manager was very responsive and the team that cared for our property was very respectful. I would recommend Priority to anyone.

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