As a property developer, you know how important the foundations of the area are. The very beginnings can set the tone for years to come. This is especially true for the outdoor landscape, which can either get off on the right or wrong foot. Why even chance the wrong foot? Go with the experienced commercial landscaper who will work with you to add the amenities that will fill your new developments with real people. Our goal is to be a partner, so we are in it for the long game.

Service is a great attribute of any company. Without service, you probably won’t survive. Priority (Tyler) when asked to meet by the GSA, the Facility, or by myself, was there the same or the next day to answer any questions that were on people’s minds.

Priority Landscape will always perform LCC’s landscape needs in the future, in all my years in business Priority has what it takes: KEEP THE CUSTOMER HAPPY and go above and beyond what is required with their excellent service to clients. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED TO ALL who have needs in Landscape Maintenance and Design. You don’t need to worry about service, Priority will be there.

Joe L.
Lawdensky Construction Company 

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