Snow & Ice Management

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Serving both the Northern Indiana and Michigan areas, we are prone to a snow storm. Now, this can be a problem on commercial properties, especially those that are essential. Snow in the parking lot is not stopping anyone from getting to their medical facility, but that same snow can cause a slip and fall or a car accident. The only way to ensure the safety of your visitors and the continuity of your business is with snow and ice management services on retainer with Priority Landscape. Additionally, avoiding an accident also means avoiding liability, which can be painful in court whether the lawsuit is legitimate or not. Not to mention that when your property is cleared it sets you apart, and you are likely to draw in more eyeballs than a property under three feet of snow.

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The first step towards a potential partnership with Priority Landscape is to reach out with your needs. Our website is complete with a contact form, as well as our phone number and an active email.

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When we take a trip out to your property, our consultation will consist of a thorough inspection of the property. This helps us create a bespoke plan that will speak to the property goals and improve safety.

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Once you let Priority Landscape take over your Snow Operations Plan, You can breathe easy knowing that you have a BEST IN CLASS service provider manager your winter weather events!
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